as a libra with dissociative tendencies i spend a lot of my time up in the air. sometimes it can feel difficult to come back down. so this is what i do to try to ground myself.


1. meditate

the headspace app has some quick SOS meditations that I’ve found really helpful to ground back down into the present. if you don’t have the app, this is the general gist of it:

get rid of any distractions and sit with your feet firmly placed on the floor. take 5 deep breaths, inhaling for 3 seconds, holding for 1, exhaling for 5. close your eyes. observe the sounds that you can hear. feel the weight of your body. starting at the crown of your head, scan down your body, noticing the different sensations. notice the feeling of your breath moving in and out. are your breaths long, short, even? observe this. take as long as you want to focus on your breath. then let go of all focus for a few seconds and just be. take a few more deep breaths. open your eyes.


2. yoga

yoga has been my go-to recently when i need to feel more centred. i usually make up my own flow or follow one from adriene’s youtube channel (the self love one is a personal fav, but any root chakra ones are also good for grounding). the most important thing is to focus on your breath and move with intention. really try to occupy your body and focus on the sensations, even if they feel muted. good poses to try are child’s pose, downward dog, pigeon pose and the warrior poses. if yoga’s not ur thang, try some light stretching instead.


3. run run run

first thing that comes to mind is solange’s “i tried to run it away, thought then my head be feelin clearer”. and most of the time this works for me. running is good because your feet are literally connecting with the ground. neurologically, the endorphins are also excellent for increasing your mood and helping you feel less spaced out. whether you’re jogging, sprinting, doing intervals (my personal fav) or just walking, going outside and moving your body is a sure fire way to help you get grounded. also it’s good for u.


4. nature

as a self confessed pantheist i think there’s nothing more healing and cleansing than being around nature. there’s a fire trail 2 minutes from my place that always calms me down. lots of studies have been done to show the positive effect that being around nature can have. even if it’s just out in your backyard, go and sit under some trees for a while. really watch the way they sway in the breeze, observe the birds, the scents, the heat of the sun.


5. journal

writing is the best way to reconnect with how you’re feeling. just sit with no expectation and write without really thinking about the words. aim for one entire page, just fill it up with whatever occupies your mind. then read it back. write about how that made you feel. try to tune into your emotions more. this always helps me


6. sit with the feeling

i hate feeling uncomfortable. feeling out of my skin and on edge. but trying to go against feelings just increases the tension and exacerbates the discomfort. so try to let go of any desire for things to be different from how they are right now. embrace your reality as it exists now. let go of any investment in the outcome, and focus on the process moment by moment. allow yourself to feel discomfort, but do not become it. just observe.


7. distract yourself

obsessing over something often blows the problem out of proportion. go out and talk to someone, watch youtube, clean, shower, cook, read, do whatever you can so your mind is not preoccupied with the thought. it’s not avoiding the feeling. it’s merely giving you other things to think about. and sometimes this can help.


8. sleep on it

sometimes the only thing that’ll help me get back into my body is going to bed and allowing myself to wake up refreshed. i try to wake up early, not touch my phone, eat a nutritious breakfast, do all the things that make me feel like me. sometimes there’s nothing you can do but try to get stuck back in routine and hope that you can find yourself along the way


9. know that it’s not permanent and it cannot hurt you

i’ve had dissociative periods that last anywhere from a few minutes to 6 months. but it always ends. always. so i just try to remember that all things come and go, and no matter what happens i will be safe. and so will you.

By em

a sometimes poet, sometimes painter, always philosopher

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