– that freedom and adrenaline you experience when you’re belting your favourite song out the window of your car, driving down the freeway not a care in the world





– that moment of fullness and tranquility when you look and the moon and everything is still and you are so small and yet so big, full of love and hope and confusion





– that split second after you’ve broken down and there’s just silence. you sit among the rubble and things feel okay because the storm has passed and you are still here. and the only way you can go is back up. but for now you can just sit and be, and that’s okay





– when you’re swirling around your kitchen in your underwear while your tea brews. tracing awkward circles with your toes and laughing at your silhouette in the reflection of the tiles. you are free and you are moving and you are now.






– noticing the golden glow seeping in from outside and stepping into the sunset. the birds are chirping and the trees and swaying and you blend into nature. everything is one. you are content and still and whole.

By em

a sometimes poet, sometimes painter, always philosopher

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