jan favs


  • the female eunich, germaine greer (mad cool feminist essays with lotsa sass)
  • dream interpretation books, misc from ur local thrift store (my meds have resulted in me having crazy vivid dreams of late, and my friend and i like to try and analyse them! freud is also good)
  • poetry anthologies
  • anything by milan kundera
  • old art books with colour prints and the pages falling out (tape to ur wall and ur journal)



  • sweet chin music, milo – “I am not Hercules not even a distant relative / open mic tried to tell me that this is all relative / but I have found objective truths in egg fried rice and fruits”
  • mum’s old fav songs – that’s entertainment & the eton rifles by the jam (she went to their concert last night whatta cutie)
  • ‘high vibration music’ (check my spotify) – pop music makes me zone out sometimes so this is what i listen to to try n ground down (it’s mostly white noise zen yoga studio relaxation kinda stuff)



  • lingerie from the thrift store that u can wear tucked into mum jeans (or as lingerie)
  • slip dresses from the thrift store that u can wear around your house and while you’re doing yoga to feel like an actual nymph
  • mens tees with mom jeans and some speed dealer sunnies (current go-to)
  • cropped shirt n high waisted underwear (this one’s for lounging around ur house and appreciating ur rockin bod)



  • scrabble – buy an old board from ur thrift store (got mine for 50c) or play online!
  • aztec skin mask – hurts like a bitch but makes ur skin shineeee
  • true 30 day yoga journey (by yoga with adriene) – been doing this every morning !!!
  • talking to strangers more – even just simple things can start a super interesting conversation, and it always makes me smile when i think back about my day
  • embracing vulnerability – be imperfect! be scared! but do it anyway and love yourself for trying!

By em

a sometimes poet, sometimes painter, always philosopher

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