what you are

A letter to the girl I was one year ago


It seems as though every wish you cast falls upon a distant star, that you’re reaching and grasping for things that lie just too far. The future seems so far away when you’re stuck here in the day to day, but you get there; I promise.


You cut your hair again and you stop thinking about all your old friends, and you start staying up past midnight, falling eternally through the light.


You drink coffee now even though you swore you never would, and you don’t call home as often as you probably should. You’re moved out now and it still feels so surreal, and if you were me now you too wouldn’t know how to feel.


Life’s up and down and down and up and dirty dishes and cold tea in a cup. It’s tossing and turning and not knowing whether it’s 5 am or 8. It’s messy hair and baggy shirts and always running late. It’s climbing trees and calling friends and stories with no end. But all along you’re still the one that’s here holding the pen.


We’re probably more similar than I think we are, I always dramatise change cause things look so different from afar.


You’re gazing out the night sky in the back seat of the car

And if you look out far enough you’ll see me in the distant stars

Smiling with a cold cup of tea



“All along is what you are”

By em

a sometimes poet, sometimes painter, always philosopher

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