you ever? (x5)

you ever feel claustrophobic in a big room

you ever feel like your life is happening too soon

you ever feel like you’re standing outside of your body

you ever feel like you’re drowning in the depths of your coffee?


you ever see yourself in places you’ve never been

you ever see your self in faces you’ve never seen

you ever see the light before the sun breaks dawn

you ever see the meaning in misery and choose to live on?


you ever hear God in the voice of a child

you ever hear salvation in the hardships of the trial

you ever hear true silence and confront your own insanity

you ever hear your inner voice and are washed over with clarity?


you ever smell your childhood in the dust of long forgotten toys

you ever smell the chaos of high school in crushed and faded polaroids

you ever smell nostalgia when you come home for the first time in months

you ever smell english breakfast tea and think of cold winter mornings and mum?


you ever taste invincibility in the city lights at three am

you ever taste your own mortality in the monotony of tomorrow’s again

you ever taste complete stillness alone in your room with a cold cup of tea

you ever taste the meaning of this all in the lines of amateur poetry?


By em

a sometimes poet, sometimes painter, always philosopher

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