running in circles circles circles circles circles




things i should be doing:

  1. meditating
  2. yoga
  3. staying present
  4. not spending so much
  5. reading
  6. calling my parents
  7. taking my own advice




been feeling like time is moving round in circles these days cause i’m on top for a while but then spiral down the side and no matter what i am never still. time moves fast and so do i but this means i rarely get a chance to face the girl in the mirror and when i do she’s out of breath and can’t speak guess you’ll have to wait til next week




if you make art for other people then it’s not really art because you’re not being genuine you’re acting in ego with the desire for validation – your art is just manipulation



i’m not sure how to be me again





I was walking down the street today and it felt like someone else was moving my legs right now I’m not sure whose in my head cause my face looks different and the world looks different but I think it’s just the middle of the year filling my bones with fear and I’m terrified that all this time I thought I was moving forward I was just pushing myself closer to where I was before and I don’t want to relapse




the oceans are restless at this time of year I’ve been swelling and rising but something’s been hiding

I think it’s time for a low tide






ego keeps whisperin lies in my ear and it’s difficult not to obey when I believe it’s really me

in disguise just remember every time you think to be somewhere else that’s not you

– you get to choose





i don’t remember the last time i cried






this is not the end you get to constantly begin again // be compassionate to yourself when you’re feeling like someone else // this will pass







things may seem uncertain when you’re travelling around the ouroboros rings

but that’s only because you’re expecting permanency from inherently temporary things

By em

a sometimes poet, sometimes painter, always philosopher

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