the renaissance

wanna write something everyday but I’m terrified i’ll run out of words. got a mason jar full of verbs i use to respond to texts that ask me what I’m doing. sitting. thinking. running. writing. being. what are you up to? currently waiting for a renaissance that’s scheduled in october. until then I’ll spend most nights waiting in line even when I don’t leave my room I’m waiting in that line. tick tock dripping clock lost track of time. what are you up to? reading cohen and kundera and rilke and neruda. i’ve got commitment issues; some sort of persisting misuse of literary idols to remind myself of the subliminal cycles we fall through. i think the mason jar has a hole in it. that’s not a verb that’s an adjective? what are you up? nevermind, i’ll see you soon.

By em

a sometimes poet, sometimes painter, always philosopher

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