phthalo blue

phthalo blue circles and crimson red squares paint over your face watch the thoughts spiral away. and crumble away. and crawl away. cross legged on bed. second face mask of the day. this fan clicks as it spins around; an off beat metronome keeping pace for a silent orchestra; sunday nights spent alone. plants slant to the right. orange hue from the salt light. caught somewhere in between stagnation and movement, a creeping plateau. infinite. slithering. circular. perhaps plural. definitely indefinite. a half constructed statue crumbles in a concrete chateau. i wasn’t expecting company. i hear dripping inside these walls. dreams are the purest of pure consciousness. another statue. another crippling fortress. company. waiting. dripping. dreams. consciousness. lost again. call a friend. paint over the face cause you never get it just right. headless statues can’t stare into the night.

By em

a sometimes poet, sometimes painter, always philosopher

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