life advice

life advice from someone who doesn’t know what she’s doing


  • toast always tastes better slightly burnt
  • if you’re not sure how long to microwave something, go for either 20 seconds or 2 minutes. this hasn’t failed me yet
  • learn the barista’s name at your local cafe. when you don’t have enough spare change for your coffee he’ll smile and say ‘don’t worry bout it Em’
  • ask everyone that walks by if you can pat their dog. dogs love being patted and most people love a lil conversation with a stranger. if not, just smile
  • if you can’t afford a book, sit in the corner of the shop and read a chapter a day
  • if you think of someone, text them
  • call your parents every night
  • charge your phone on the other side of your room. social media is not the first thing your eyes need to see in the morning
  • it’s always better to leave the teabag in for too long rather than too little. and if you forget about your tea just heat it up in the microwave. and if you’ve forgotten about it after you’ve already heated it up in the microwave, you gotta throw it away. sorry.
  • lavender oil in the diffuser will solve most things
  • find a GP that cares about you and you will feel a little safer
  • if you’re not sure how often to water your plant, stick your finger two inches into the soil. if it’s dry, give it some water. spraying a plant with water is not the same thing as watering the plant. this is for you emma pham.
  • frank ocean on repeat will solve the things that lavender oil cannot. if frank fails, call your friends. 
  • when things get overwhelming, climb a tree. you will worry about how ridiculous you look and this will make you laugh and you will remember that life is silly
  • take some time out of your day to stare out your window and think about nothing.
  • if the sound of your clock ticking stresses you out, remove the batteries. it is now 6:42 for the rest of eternity.
  • always have a journal on you.
  • let go of the degree/person/object/thought/job/place that drains your energy. you are better off without it
  • when you’re feeling emo, dress for the occasion.
  • when you feel as though you are stuck, put the batteries back in your clock. time has resumed. you can move forward.
  • always adopt an attitude of compassion towards whatever it is you are feeling. your emotions are valid simply because they are your emotions. be kind to yourself, and to them.

By em

a sometimes poet, sometimes painter, always philosopher

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