New beginnings are difficult because there’s so much pressure to get it right. Just breathe. You have the power and the capacity to start fresh in each moment. Perpetually crashing and rising, crashing and rising. You are never complete. And nothing is ever really permanent. Sink down into yourself and know you are on the right path. Good things are coming your way. For now, you are here, and that’s enough. Breathe.




“Hamlet is destroyed by continually resolving to do, yet doing nothing but resolve.”



  • Run more.
  • Yoga, meditation, breathing
  • Fill up journals, fill up blogs, start writing a book, write more poetry.
  • Stay grounded. Healthily process emotions and be fully present
  • Be vulnerable. Meet new people. Talk to more strangers. Learn to be comfortable in your skin around others.
  • Be more responsible with your money..
  • Stay honest and stay compassionate
  • Practice unconditional love for you, your friends, and strangers alike. Spread love.
  • Read more. Watch old movies. Learn about more than just your degree.
  • Push yourself out of your comfort zone
  • Learn to stand on your own and trust your intuition.
  • Create.


I’m trying not to compare myself to who I was one year ago, because it’s ridiculous to compare symbols to symbols. The girl I remember as me one year ago doesn’t exist anymore. She grew and she evolved. Maybe an image of her is holding this pen right now. I can’t be sure. But what I am sure of – White Ferrari is playing now, the second time I’ve heard it in 2018. I’ve got a facemask on, sitting in bed. Things are quiet and very still. I’m full of love and confusion and dragonfruit. This year has a lot in store for me and I am a little afraid but also magnificently excited. Every year I grow more and more into the fullest expression of myself.

I will face challenges. I will fumble. I will stand back up. I will cry. I will feel alone but I will not be, because all that is needed I carry within. This year may be difficult but it will be fruitful.

The energy that you put out into the world comes back at you threefold. Remember that the universe has a plan for you, and you will not always be certain what it is. Know in your heart that all events are the deliverance of a divine destiny. You will end up where you need to be, when you need to be. Always.

Have faith in yourself. You have achieved everything so far. You have survived everything so far. You have so much potential to tap into and I promise it will not go unused.

Allow yourself to feel fully. This is the essence of existence and your only true purpose – to feel the depth of life and all it has to offer. Embrace happiness, embrace discomfort, embrace uncertainty. They are all the same teacher in different guises. Delivering the lesson of compassion and how to live this strange little human life you have.

You may not always understand the root of an emotion, but it is there for a reason. Open yourself to it. Open yourself to yourself. There is nothing to be afraid of. You are constantly shifting, constantly moving, constantly becoming.

All that you have been is inside of you right now.All that you will be is inside of you right now. But none of that matters. All that matters is that you are. Right now.


By em

a sometimes poet, sometimes painter, always philosopher


  1. hey girl! i just read all your posts and watched your videos, and just wanted to reach out to let you know how much i appreciate you sharing your voice and your creativity with the world! I feel so similar on so many topics, and have some very similar intentions for the new year, its lovely too see other people sharing their graciousness<3 check out my channel, i would love to connect with you more!


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