advertent poetics


time like ouroboros

nostalgia in reverse

sands spilling up into the palm of your hand

capturing a moment in the present

and the past

stuck between two times

two lines



drawing circles around circles

maybe that’s all it really is


with who?

i’m sorry i haven’t done this in a while

forgot how to speak to my soul

been too focused on feelin whole

half my journal is me trying to get to a place

and the other half is remembering there’s no destination

life’s just one big conversation


with who?


all along

life is elsewhere

i can’t hold it in my palms

who silences the ocean into calm

who said that all along is what i am

who counts the grains of sand



walkin down streets writing poetry in my head

not really thinkin bout words i could’ve said

just focusing on feelings

so subtle but so there

every fucking thing is energy and when you’re still you sense it



don’t know how many pieces of me are other people

don’t know how many pieces of other people are me


what would it be like if no one had a body

would we still feel so distant

how else do we know we’re me than by the face in the mirror

if you take that away what’s left?

not a foot print

not a breath

not a heart beat


just somewhere that souls meet



26 feb

making cups of tea you never finish

connecting words for poetry you’ll never write

doesn’t matter so much these days cause the constellations outside your window look just right


remembering a few selves ago this was only a wish



haven’t been writing in here much and i don’t know why

i’m present most of the time and the rest i don’t try

always end up writing poetry even when i don’t intend to

romanticising life, i guess it’s nothin new


good days starting to feel really good

bad days not been as bad as i know they could


don’t know what’s so powerful about a rhyme

when you’ve lost all belief in identity and time


existing from moment to moment

living on my own but it don’t feel like home yet


staring out the window watching the cars race by

life makes more sense when you focus less on how

and more on why


feel some deep wisdom coming from within

the ghost of all that i’ve been


can’t write about my day but i can write about what a day is

something i don’t appreciate enough

sometimes just overflowing with love

too many words, don’t know when it’s enough


but can feel it in my soul these days that there’s enough of love


where i stand

hate not knowing where i stand

hate not knowing what the future has in hand

trying to just let the cards fall where they may

but somethin restless trapped inside my stomach night and day


feelin inevitable on one hand and impossible on the other

spent too much time tryna juggle the scales of the lover


reminding myself it’s all written in the stars

and that truth lies forever in the tarot cards


time reveals itself

if u put your worries on the shelf


exist in this second


so the future holds no weapon


but you …

you’re in power.



where i stand; reprise


cars racing by

people headed for the city lights

everybody movin on their own time

but i’m just along for the ride


don’t know much about much these days

thinkin i’m going somewhere and life takes me a different way


driving the scenic route

with a heart fulla love and a tummy fulla fruit


things work out on their own time

just gotta know it in this mind of mine

By em

a sometimes poet, sometimes painter, always philosopher

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